Category: Hardware

Know about the basics of computer hardware & how to deal with hardware troubles.


Introduction to Motherboard

Motherboard is basically one of the most important part of the computer located at the bottom of the computer chassis, it is also known as Printed Circuit Board & generally it is of 4...


Introduction to the Memory of Computer

In the computer or any other device memory takes the most important part, because our all work on the devices are stored in memory at the time of work. Memory has capacity to store...


Introduction to the Storage

The term Storage occupies the major role in the world full of technology , we are using Devices like computer’s , laptop’s , mobile phone’s in all these things the major specification are based...


Introduction to the Computer Processors (CPU)

The term Processor means a machine that processes something. In terms of Computer hardware processors is the heart of all kind of system whether it is desktop laptop machine or sever machine. The processor...